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The Ish is a podcast from the liminal spaces of life, love, art, religion, and politics, hosted by Cameron Dezen Hammon.

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    Related-ish, with Dani Shapiro

    In this inaugural episode of The Ish Live, Cameron talks to New York Times best-selling author Dani Shapiro about her incredible new memoir, Inheritance.

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    Privileged-ish, with Bryan Bliss

    In the final episode of the season, Cameron talks to author Bryan Bliss about empathy and privilege, the work of art and activism, and his new book WE'LL FLY AWAY, long listed for the National Book Award in Young People's Literature.

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    Driven-ish, with Melissa Stephenson

    In this episode, Cameron talks to writer Melissa Stephenson about intense sibling relationships, her lifetime obsession with beater cars, and her poignant new memoir, Driven.

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    Dead-ish, with Alice Bolin

    “Women are taught to expect violence.” - Alice Bolin

    In this timely episode, Cameron talks to essayist Alice Bolin about missing white girl syndrome, sacrificial maidens, and our cultural obsession with the “dead girl show.”

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    Alive-ish, with Marion Winik

    In this episode, Cameron talks to author and longtime NPR commentator Marion Winik about falling in love with Texas, Prince, and her new book THE BALTIMORE BOOK OF THE DEAD.

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    Mercy-ish, with Lacy M. Johnson

    In this episode, Cameron talks to author/activist Lacy M. Johnson about justice, mercy, and the myth of redemptive violence.

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    Psychedelic-ish, with Michael Horowitz

    In this very personal episode, Cameron interviews her mentor and friend, the writer Michael Horowitz, about his work with 1960s icon Timothy Leary, consciousness expansion, and briefly, about the cultural impact his daughter, actress Winona Ryder, had on Generation X.

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    Interplanetary-ish, with Brian Turner

    In Episode 4, Cameron talks to poet Brian Turner about his new musical project, uploading human consciousness, and the way music connects us.

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    Catholic-ish, with Erin O. White

    In Episode 3, Cameron and memoirist Erin O. White discuss Erin's book Given Up For You, which chronicles her experience of falling in love with the Catholic church and another woman simultaneously, and the difficulty of ultimately having to choose one over the other.

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    Grieving-ish: Part 2, with Lisa Romeo

    In Episode 2, Cameron talks to memoirist Lisa Romeo about conversations with ghosts, the surprises of grief, complicated fathers, and Lisa's new book, ‘Starting With Goodbye.’

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    Missionary-ish, with Jamie Wright

    Trying to come to grips with the collective madness of the evangelical church in America? In this raucous opening to Season 2, Cameron talks to the delightfully irreverent Jamie Wright, author of blog-turned-book The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever, about how her experience on the international mission field changed everything about her relationship — not to her Christian faith — but to the evangelical church. Greed, corruption, and what Jamie calls "white savior colonial bullsh*t" are all up for discussion.

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    Famous-ish, with Alex Dezen

    For the Season One finale, Famous-ish, Cameron sits down with her brother, singer/songwriter Alex Dezen, to talk about the meaning of life and art making, the comparative values of millennials and Gen X-ers, and late stage capitalism.

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    Grieving-ish, with Shannon Leone Fowler

    In Episode 9, Cameron talks to marine biologist and memoirist Shannon Leone Fowler, who at 28 lost her fiancé to the most venomous sea creature on earth. They talk about grief, healing, and the power of looking someone in the eye.

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    Orthodox-ish, with Tova Mirvis

    In Episode 8, Cameron talks to novelist Tova Mirvis about her journey of spiritual deconstruction, the costly decision to walk away from both her Orthodox Jewish faith and her marriage, and the tension that remains in raising children who are still connected to the world she left behind.

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    Risky-ish, with Ian Cion

    In Episode 7, Cameron interviews Houston-based artist and writer Ian Cion, founder of the Art and Medicine program at the Children's Cancer Center at MD Anderson. Ian talks about the risk of art, and the heartbreaking yet profound experience of art-making with terminally ill children.

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    Ish-ish, with Latifah Alattas

    In Episode 6, Cameron talks to singer-songwriter/ producer Latifah Alattas about body image, ethnicity, ambition, grief, and faith. Plus, listener emails are answered!

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    Scientific-ish, with Chris Piecuch

    In Episode 5, "Scientific-ish," Cameron talks to oceanographer and climate scientist Chris Piecuch about the warming of the earth's oceans, the tension between science and religion, and the importance of storytelling in regards to climate change.

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    Happy-ish, with Scott Erickson

    In Episode 4, “Happy-ish,” Cameron Dezen Hammon talks to artist, writer, and performer Scott Erickson about the alchemy of depression and art, the wisdom of an 8th century Sufi mystic, and the magic of “I’m going to try.”

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    American-ish, with Saadia Faruqi

    In Episode 3 of The Ish, author and interfaith activist Saadia Faruqi talks to Cameron Dezen Hammon about raising Muslim kids in America post Trump, the necessary inconvenience of the hijab, and the power of storytelling.

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    In Love-ish, with Mandy Len Catron

    In Episode 2 of The Ish, Cameron Dezen Hammon is joined by author Mandy Len Catron, whose New York Times essay about a little known, 36 question psychology experiment, “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This,” started an international conversation about romantic love. “We really value our willful ignorance when it comes to love, but I think that’s changing.” Cameron and Mandy talk about what it means to fall, the brain chemistry of infatuation, and why we think so much but know so little about love.

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    Religious-ish, with Adrian Shirk

    In this, the debut episode of The Ish, Cameron Dezen Hammon interviews millennial author and thinker Adrian Shirk about her book "And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy" (Counterpoint Press, 2017). The two discuss their respective unlikely spiritual journeys, and the tension they feel in identifying as "religious-ish."

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    Welcome To The Ish

    A brief introduction to The Ish, with host, Cameron Dezen Hammon.

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